The public transport system is very elaborated and works very smoothly, but it might appear expensive to some of you. If you want to use the bus network in Luzern on a daily basis, we recommend buying a "Zone 10 Passpartout Pass" (check website for pricing) It will give you unlimited travel on trains and buses within Luzern and its suburbs.

If you are in for it you can try to buy a bicycle or use the bicycle rental App Nextbike with which you can rent a bike around Luzern and its suburbs – don’t forget to check out after you finished your ride.

Otherwise you can also simply walk since Luzern is not too big and when you are in the centre you can get more or less everywhere within a short time.


Food and Beverages
As we are in Switzerland, it is not easy to find places that offer low-price food or beverages. As a student you can always take a look for reductions, since some places offer student-prices, we also might be able to offer you discounts with the ESN card. Many students have found it easier financially to cook their own food instead of going out eating. For groceries there are many supermarkets in Luzern. At the central station you will be able to buy food in Migros and Coop everyday until 10 p.m. Stores are mostly closed on Sundays and after 6:30 p.m. They are not the cheapest stores, usually the cheapest supermarkets are Aldi and Lidl.

For discounts you can check, there you can find what is on sale currently.